The Passage Of Friendships

‘my singing friends blowing in the wind’

I heard from an old friend the other day that I had not been in touch with for 15 years … back in the days of ‘single road trips’! My heart ached for the simplicity of that time and the realization that I want every friend to be ever-present in my life. I realize that there are different choices that take us in different directions, life becomes full, and some friends gently drift and others radically disappear.
What I have come to understand is that people come into our lives for ‘a season, a reason or a lifetime’, and the key is to understand I may not understand the nature nor the duration of the connection at the time but to allow myself to fully embrace what is ‘offered’ in the moment. It is ‘okay’ to allow them to go, even if it is uncomfortable. It is an immense gift to share the ‘lifetime’ category, and to know that some friendships are able to be left ‘seemingly dormant’, and with one breath of connection they are revived to their full vitality.

The magical passage of the friendships in our life: a beautiful and, yet sometimes, turbulent pathway to navigate. Consider for a moment the gift of friendship in your life … know that you are fortunate to be loved.

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  1. The Passage Of Friendships

    loved your statement Ruth: “… people come into our lives for 'a season, a reason or a lifetime'…”

    The best categorization I've ever heard of friendship.


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