The Power of a Single Thought

Dominique Hogan (Burstin With Broadway)
Pictures by Glen Sherk 

After my mum died, I was feeling like I would never be able to find my way through the deep dark fog. So, when the call came saying I was now at the top of the wait list to join a Broadway show tunes choir, I figured I’d better take the opportunity. The group met at a local church, (oddly enough, the one my mum took me to for Sunday school as a kid), and the accompanist was my former piano teacher from my teenage years. Any of my doubts were quickly soothed with the clarity of my mum’s message of support, this is where you need to be now! 

What I came to understand by being connected to this choir is the magnitude of how a single thought can blossom. The strength in creating a vision for yourself and for others to follow is an amazing gift to the world. Dominique, the artistic director & founder, of Burstin With Broadway, has learned how to put magnificent form to her single thought. She is a unique, talented, powerful and introverted leader who has an exemplary talent to bring forward the music from each and every one of us. 
Dominique began this group with a single thought, that others might like Broadway songs as much as she does, and that singing should be something that is available to everyone and anyone with the passion to sing. Having 2 young kids, she was not able to find the forum for the music she desired in Vancouver. Rather than put away her dreams, she decided to simply create a forum for it to unfold. She placed an ad in the local paper, had 8 people show up for the first rehearsal and now 8 years later, the choir has blossomed to 120 people, with a 100 people on the wait list (which is now cut-off unless you are a male tenor or bass). 
She continues to demonstrate how powerful a single thought can become in a way I have never had the honour to experience in any other group. We are truly greater than the sum of our parts. How grateful I am to now be able to call myself a member of Burstin With Broadway Choir.

Destination Broadway Concert Kay Meek May 26th, 2012 

What thoughts have you got rumbling around in your mind that will be a gift to the world once they meet the light of day?

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  1. The Power of a Single Thought

    This is a beautiful, powerful and inspiring story Ruth! I couldn't agree more about the power of a thought and it's fun to read about the results and see it in living colour. The photos are fantastic and support your message so very well. Thanks again for reminding us that a dream with some focus and determination behind it becomes a most beautiful reality!

  2. The Power of a Single Thought

    Thanks Ruth, yes I have found through life that for years I confused “introverted” with “shy”, as did most people. They would label me “shy”, to which I would begrudgingly reply “no, I just prefer to listen than to talk”, however, it kept me from taking leadership roles, thinking I was too “quiet” to get anything achieved. Once I learned more about what introverted really means I got to understanding that my ability to listen to people and see the big picture, was indeed a great skill to have. Burstin' with Broadway has taught me that I should never wait to fit into someone else's box, into a job or a position, and that the most beautiful and exciting things are those we create for ourselves, because they are a true reflection of who we are.

  3. The Power of a Single Thought

    It is hard time in anybody's life, the time when his/her parents pass away. If only everyone had their own vision and version of this singular thought. Some people may not be able to establish this on their own and could benefit from another perspective. A close friend, mentor, or life coach could also help

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