The Secret Powers of Time

Time is an interesting topic. We talk about ‘time management’, when there really is no such thing, none of us ‘are in charge of managing time’, but we are charged with managing ourselves in relation to time. Understanding our own time perspective is rather enlightening. Give yourself the gift of 10 minutes to ‘consider a current sense of time’ on this youtube clip
Do you consider yourself someone who is ‘good with time’? Do you still wear a watch?

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  1. The Secret Powers of Time

    Very interesting video clip! Quite thought provoking and I was especially interested in the information about how kids learn now. If they are dropping out of school because they aren't being taught the way they need to learn, then the systems will have to change by providing more interactive learning experiences. The number of drop outs is frightening and I don't see how this could be anything but negative for our growth as a society.

  2. The Secret Powers of Time

    I am smiling because it took me fully 5 sessions to get through this entire clip. As interesting a clip as it is, I thought I'd distract myself from what I was doing to go watch the clip. When I realized that it required a bit more focus than simply passive listening, I paused the clip with the intention of coming back to it when I truly had the 10 minutes to dedicate to it. After 3 more attempts, I finally got back to it this morning with a cup of coffee and the commitment to do only that. And I very much enjoyed this clip. Thank you for posting it!

    I have always thought the whole concept of multitasking was an absurd one. I feel that while we may think we are being efficient by taking on several tasks simultaneously, really we can only do one at a time. That's my thinking. Here I was attempting to multitask when I needed to single task to properly focus. Bottom line, until I stopped multitasking, it was taking me far more than 10 minutes to listen to a 10 minute clip.

    So, am I good with time? Well, time is there, always, doing its thing. It will take the time it takes for me to accomplish what I have to accomplish. Time will go by regardless and nothing will get done until I decide to get to it…no matter what time it is or how long it takes. Thanks for making me think on this one… Enjoyed this!!

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