Time Endures and Opens Doorways

I have gathered to write periodically over the last decade with a group of women. In this time, we have discovered that time endures and opens doorways that we never imagined possible. When a couple of our dear ones had to go on ahead without us, we discovered with the gift of time and endearing friendship we could  find our way through life’s trials, and tribulations. We have written under Dael’s tender and insightful tutelage where we have opened, to parts of ourselves through our writing and precious support of companions on the path. 

This is the piece Dael crafted after our day of writing together, and I wanted to share it with you in the hopes of opening your hearts to the enduring possibilities of friendship on this path we walk:

In the little house by the river
The women return
Five women six years later
  come to share their living
The night’s wind brought them here
The day’s bright sun is on the water
    and shines bright through the windows

Inside the house
They speak of changing
Of trying to hold onto a thing and that they can’t
They speak of the bones of story
Of exteriors
Of inhabited interiors by those who no longer walk here
They speak of being big with the heroic
And the heart breaking departures of grandmothers
They speak of undefended tiny girls and those troubled who would keep them
They speak of women upside down in trees
They speak with tears and open hearts
They speak of sweetness and grace that arrive here
Hands held all round the table
We are a circle

After lunch
In the midst of bird songs
They write
The sound of their pens moving like leaves on trees rustling
Five women six years later
Delivered by the wind of night
Their stories perched on the edges of branches
Like birds readying for flight

With love
 Dael Adams Segal
The Writing Tables
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  1. Time Endures and Opens Doorways

    Very touching words on the journey of friendship! Thank you for sharing it.

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