Times of Transitions in Our Lives

“There is a voice that doesn’t use words. Listen.” Rumi

No other time of year tends to demonstrate transitions quite like September!

Summer into fall, flip flops into shoes, vacation freedom into structure, days becoming shorter and nights becoming longer … and yet without these transitions the new frontiers of our lives would not have the opportunity to be discovered.

As human beings we tend to invest an incredible amount of energy into wanting things to stay, ‘just as they are’!  We tend to outstay in many of our life situations, such as jobs, relationships, or teams in fear or hesitation of the transition.   Yet, if we could allow ourselves to access the trust of the wisdom deep within we may be able to open our hearts to the next chapter that life presents to us! We need to leave the comfort zone and be willing to navigate the transition which typically includes some form of change, and that my friends has somehow become the enemy rather than our comrade on the journey.

A quote from Robin Sharman  that really touched me about when we are faced with the opportunity to change, “change is hardest at the beginning, messiest in the middle, and best at the end”.  Without letting go of the side of the pool deck, we will never be able to swim to the other side, and when we let go, there is a point where we are unable to touch either side of the pool, this is when we need to dig deep and rely on ourselves.  When we can give ourselves permission to say yes to the transition, we will discover places within us that we never realized existed!

I know for me I tend to attempt to exhaust every ounce of learning from every situation, but I realize as I allow myself to trust that life is meant to be lived and that it is in the transitions that I find amazing people, places & things, that I now understand it would be ok to bow out a little sooner, and move on.

Is there somewhere in your life that you can grant yourself permission to embrace the transitions presenting themselves to you rather than resisting?


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