Value Of A Deadline

yet another day of training

For those that have been patiently waiting, thank-you for your patience as life seems to have had its way with me … I’m back, and ready to share on my blog.

There is nothing like a deadline. A deadline can serve as an inspiration or at times it can serve as an event that overwhelms us. It is a true art to create goals that are inspiring and have an internal momentum.

When I signed up to cycle the Gran Fondo to Whistler last September, I had no idea what was in store for me in the year to come. Packing up the house that has been the family home since 1956 became a project beyond my wildest dreams. I know that during the packing process, I have never been so tired nor so emotionally drained and it is powerful to know that goals can help provide the throughline during times of great emotional demands.

The thoughts of developing a smooth relationship with a new racing bike, getting my body to comply with my hopes to climb mountains effortlessly often faded when faced with yet another load of items to be dealt with from the family home. It was an impossible daunting task that I was sure I would never complete … the house, the training, and yet here I am on the eve of the big race and I am ready to go!

The prospect of the race managed to get me on the bike to train 3 days a week … even during the dismal days of June and July and I can happily say now on Sept 9th that it is the best deadline I have created in a long time. The counter balance of the training rides were magical in relation to the deep emotions of collapsing our family home.

I anticipate a healthy and happy ride tomorrow along with 7,000 of my new cycling friends on the Gran Fondo Whistler and I am grateful for the deadline that has ignited me into movement when I would have likely unplugged and collapsed on the couch.

Where in your life can you say yes to a challenge and have it provide sustenance on your journey?

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  1. Value Of A Deadline

    I always find challenges in my life very 'meaningful' and 'educational'. They are meticulously tailored to my dreams; to my potentials; to my claims and to my emotional status when I examine them carefully. They empower me in different ways. Now I believe life without its continuous struggles during different challenges becomes like a huge kindergarten with endless comfort but nil advancement!
    Congratulations for your recent achievements: “Packing up your family house” and “Passing Gran Fondo's finish line”. Well done!


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