Vancouver 2010 Olympics

Vancouver is turbo-charged with positive energy. Walking down the street brings a smile to my face. The Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games seem to have brought the best out of everyone: the locals, the merchants, and the visitors.
There are many things to do, but I must say one of my sweetest Vancouver 2010 Olympic moments was riding the skytrain soaking up the smiles from young and old. I continue to hear people speak of ‘this is a once in a lifetime experience’. And YES, most certainly it is! What I am buoyed by is the fact that when there is a single point of focus, the momentum of the energy can feed the masses. I know the Vancouver 2010 Olympics are a ‘once in a lifetime’ for our city, but what I see is the inspiration of how when we get focused how electrifying and fun the experience is.
This lifetime we are living, is a ‘once in a lifetime’, so go for gold in whatever shape that takes in your day, whether it is a golden smile to your partner or client, it all starts with us!

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