Waiting For The Day To Begin

On my recent trip to our remote cabin, I decided on my last morning there that it was high time for me to capture some images of the notorious majestic sunrise. In the past this was an activity reserved for my dad, who adored the morning hours. Not being a morning person, I was a little apprehensive that I would miss the sun rising so when I awoke a 4:30am I decided I’d better get up and await the ‘start of the day’. 
I found myself getting agitated as to when the day would start and the sun would rise … here I was waiting for the day to begin, when in actual fact it was already in motion. The birds were chirping gloriously, the beaver was making his morning commute to work, the mosquitoes were busy gorging themselves on my blood. What began as a photo quest opened me to the wondrous simplicities of Mother Nature at the crack of dawn: the sounds, the colours, and the abundance of activity.
Here I had been consumed with “it’s coming, it’s coming” and yet it was already here, the day I had been waiting for. I realized at 4:45am that often we do this, spend so much time anticipating that we miss the fact that it is already happening. I also found it interesting that the very first shot of the sunrise became my favourite and yet in the moment I found myself somewhat disappointed. I can see that it often does take the perspective of 20/20 hindsight to appreciate what is, so that the present moment can be fully embraced. 

Where can you open yourself up in your history to appreciate the unfolding of one of your majestic days?

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