Walking a mile in another person’s shoes:

my tiny feet still hoping to fill my mum’s shoes

How often have we heard this statement when we need to find some ‘compassion’ or ‘insight’ to another person’s choices in life? For me, this statement has taken on an entirely new connotation. When my mum died I just couldn’t bear to toss-out her ‘racy-red’ holy soles sandals.

As an 85 year old cruising around, she often had people comment on her footwear. When I bought the shoes for her, it was out of desperation to find footwear she could get on and off independently while offering the appropriate support for her compromised walking. She had tried many of the old-lady shoes (as she referred to them) that proved to be cumbersome, uncomfortable and dreary fashion statements! The addition of these sandals to her wardrobe gave her a lift in her rather liftless days.

I wear these sandals when I take my dog Loosey out to do her ‘business’ and they always bring a smile to my face 🙂 As you can see by the photo, my mum had much larger feet than me … so shuffling around the block is done leisurely and always with her at my feet. I now understand that I don’t need to grow into her shoes, but rather allow her to guide me when I need it … and it seems no matter how old and wise we become we need the loving guidance of our mum’s.

Is there someone who’s shoes you have aspired to fill … perhaps it is time for you to focus on ‘filling your own shoes’! What can you do today to take a step in the direction of “YOU”?!

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  1. Walking a mile in another person’s shoes:

    Very well said!! I really enjoyed this one Ruth, and the photo is just perfect to get my imagination going while I read what you're saying. The photo makes me smile and the wisdom has got me thinking… Thanks!

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