We Are the Sum Of Our Experiences

I came across this saying the other day, and it seemed to dovetail sweetly after my last posting of ‘taking 10 for you each day’. So often, we become intimidated or daunted by the magnitude of the project we want to embark on, and thus we NEVER start. Life is not a race; it is an accumulation of experiences, and we are the sum of our experiences.

We seem to get so focused on failures or successes, when we overlook that it is our experiences here, whether they be triumphs or failures, which are the greatest moments for us to access our own wisdom. So many clients say to me, “I want to find my purpose in life” and I say to them, “rather than asking yourself, Why am I here, consider asking yourself, How am I here?”
So the next time you find yourself grappling with “Why am I here?”, consider, what have I experienced today? You will find the ‘now what’ reveals itself inside your life experiences by allowing you to challenge the conventions of your life that hold you back.

Allow 2012 to be a personal time of liberation of defying the conventions that limit your experience …

Who says you need a dishwasher to get the dishes clean 🙂

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  1. We Are the Sum Of Our Experiences

    “Why am I here” is a very challenging question each one of us has asked it over and over in different stages of our life. To me this one is the second question in “Identity Questions' Cascade”. The first one is “Who am I” and the last one is “How should I be here”.
    I believe we, as humankind; are given proper means to decipher these difficult questions over time individually and/or collectively.
    Deciphering process does not happen over night. It takes time and effort. Our life experience reflects itself in our understanding of and skill needed for this deciphering process and 'Yes'; eventually we are the sum of our experiences. Well said Ruth!


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