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Feeling naked without much of a presence on the world wide web, I decided 2012 was high time to get a grasp of the technology that lies at our fingertips, and become friends with the web. I am delighted to share with you my first video production that will be included on my upcoming website. This video was shot in my office with my faithful assistant , Loosey, at my feet (off camera). 
Like many things in life, if I had understood the magnitude of what I was saying YES to, I likely would have postponed the project. I am thrilled to say, I naively forged ahead. Initially, I had attempted to do this video production on my own, but when I shared my attempt with a friend, she bluntly said, “Are you proud of this? How far are you willing to go with it?” I realized I was not proud of my solo production, and I really had no idea how far I was willing to go with it. Rather than being motivated by this comment, I backed away and shelved the project for months. 
The nagging feeling that it was time to have a presence on the web continued, and I realized that this endeavour was going to take more than mere determination to stretch outside my comfort zone. So, I rallied a support team. My team consisted of a videographer/editor (Glen Sherk), improv coach (Sara Wagner), makeup artist (Elana Robinson), clothing/style consultant (Diana Kilgour), and then me getting prepared for shooting.
One of my hallmarks is clarity, but now with the wisdom of 20/20 hindsight I can see I was unclear of my objective with this video. It became a huge process of discovery of my intent, how I wanted to share this concept and then how to integrate the technology and my message in a way that would be respectful of your time. We managed to pull together a clip that I now believe is worthy of release, but I now understand that it is really about the process of discovery when we learn to simply say yes along the way that we find the support required to achieve our visions. 

Where do you need to allow yourself to be supported so that you can expand beyond your comfort zones?

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