What Does Trust Look Like?

As I was out walking with my furry friend Loosey this morning, I was ‘taken-aback’ by the complete and unquestioning display of trust between 2 sisters.

The push-scooter, barely big enough for 1, had 2 girls squeezed onto it. They zoomed by me attempting to make it to class before the bell rang. As they came to the top of the hill, I swallowed, certain they would get off and walk down, but NO, the older sister, all of 9 with her long slim legs stuffed into her stove pipe jeans, skillfully navigated the hill with her younger sister jammed in front of her on the push-scooter. As the older sister masterfully applied periodic pressure to the rear wheel, they handled the hill easily and made it to class with moments to spare.

I sighed and recalled the time of ‘complete trust’ from my childhood when my older brother would race down the hill with me perched on his front handle bars. And me, a gleeful participant knew beyond a shadow of a doubt, I would be fine because I trusted my older brother!

We often talk about trust, and we rarely understand it; today I know these sisters on the the push-scooter truly understand the magnitude of trust.

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  1. What Does Trust Look Like?

    Hey Ruth
    I wanted to comment on your perceptive story of the two sisters on the scooter. This does bring back memories of when it was possible to trust completely – whatever happened to those days?

  2. What Does Trust Look Like?

    When I see your coaching emails … I HOLD onto them until they are the last email of the day… so that I can savour the messages.
    I will go to bed thinking of when I engage in trust and what that vessel feels like – and how to be open to that experience.
    Thanks for your centering thoughts.

  3. What Does Trust Look Like?

    Hi Ruth
    Your article made me wonder if Trust is an absolute, like Truth? Great example of using children to create a strong visual for unconditional trust. I trusted my big brother like that too when we were small. If we could remember all the time where we come from and who we are we wouldn't probably need to Trust.
    thx Jean

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