What I Did On My Summer Vacation

my summer vacation

Now the rain has begun, it feels as though I am back ‘ready for class’. I can hear my teacher asking me to write 250 words on “what I did on my summer vacation”. No matter how old we get, somehow those early moments of patterning are still etched so very deeply into our ‘interior world’.

As I was zooming along on the coca cola Highway, I’m sure within the speed limit, I could hear a sudden punch. For a moment I was unsure of what had occurred, perhaps it wasn’t me, perhaps it was the vehicle next to me hitting an animal or…yup, you guessed it, it was me, it was my tire. I had a puncture (as my mum would say). Fortunately I was well positioned to safely pull off into the flat rest area.

Although I had not changed a tire for what felt like a lifetime, I was not panicked until I realized I could not ‘recall’ where I had ‘deliberately’ placed the key for the unlocking of the lug nuts on the tire. After losing my mind, and ripping the entire contents of the vehicle out onto the side of the road, my partner suggested “take a moment and …” Before he finished his statement, the easy access pocket I had placed the key in, flashed before my eyes.

The tire was replaced ‘in no time flat’ and we were safely on our way. Off to unplug on our vacation, no cell phone, no internet, no running water, and into the wide open blue sky and delicious sunshine.

So relaxed from our vacation, we decided to return home a day early … to a flood in our crawl space. Realizing that if we had come home when we had planned, the damage would likely have been much more extensive. Lucking out with getting connected to Chuck, a ‘wizard of a plumber’, on the Friday night of the long weekend, we were leak free and safely flowing with water again without much consequence.

We often return from vacation feeling ‘full of life and fortunate’ but after the vacation this year, I certainly felt protected, guided and supported.

What did you discover on your summer vacation?

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