When someone we love lives

Ruth & Brenda 1963

When someone we love lives … I mean they live completely while they are here, not stranded in the thinking about ‘the shoulda, coulda, woulda, but rather embracing the ‘what is there right here and now’. I think of my lifelong friend “B’ who continuously has an eye on the horizon while ensuring that not one ounce of fun or potential is ‘overlooked’ in the here and now.

She has reinvented herself numerous times in her career, while maintaining her grace, sparkle and integrity in everything she does. Her work/website is not who she is, but because of who she is everything she does is “transformed”.

Consider someone who has ‘touched’ you lately, does he/she realize how much they mean to you?

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  1. When someone we love lives

    I love your blog, it is always inspiring. So cute two good pals. What a cute picture. Sure made me smile.

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