When Things Don’t Work Out As Planned

Loosey & her polished pearlies

It’s amazing how focused we become on how things are to take place and miss the opportunities that lay behind releasing the current details. 
I had blocked out a day to take my furry friend Loosey out to Tsawwassen to a doggie dental specialist who does teeth cleaning without any sedation. Fortunately this is an event that we do only once a year, so blocking off a day, and having to pay out usually at least $200 for the service, the day becomes a rather costly event, not to mention, the fact that it eats up most of a day after driving, and then waiting for the appt to be done which can be up to a 2.5 hours.   
Loosey who is now an 70 pound dog is not a big fan of this process. The woman, who has now done Loosey’s teeth 3 times, has made it clear that Loosey is not her easiest customer.  After the cleaning when I return to pick Loosey up, the air is filled with Loosey’s floating fur, and the woman performing the procedure looks like she has put on a blond fur coat.  The doggie dental specialist had her assistant call twice to confirm the appt, so when I got the call at 7:00 pm the night before the planned appt, to say that the doggie dental specialist would not be willing to perform the cleaning on Loosey, I was not impressed. 
After some huffing and puffing, and refocusing on the real objective, I got my partner involved and between us, we were able to clean Loosey’s teeth … saving myself a bucket of cash and loads of time, I am now grateful that things didn’t turn out as planned.
Where do you find yourself holding onto details, that could be released and allow yourself to open to new opportunities that will serve you better?!

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