Who is my competition?

on your mark, get set, go!

Competition is an interesting endeavour … it can draw an immense amount of energy into an outbound activity, often distracting us from our ‘true intention’. If our intention is to ‘bring the best of ourselves forward’ because of the activity, yippee, but when the event becomes an end in and of itself to win … then we will get lost in the race.

I was in a discussion with my massage therapist, Peter Roach, after he’d made a posting on his massage clinic blog about another luminous Life Coach that is a massage patient in his practice. He was genuinely interested in not wanting to offend me by highlighting another Life Coach. So as I shared my philosophical beliefs about who are ‘true competition is’, he was intrigued, and he wanted to hear more.

If we each stand forward with all of who we are and share our gifts, it is easier for others to be drawn to us or repelled from us. The key to understand is that we are the only one on the face of this earth with this combination of gifts. Our distinctiveness is supported by the style and format that we choose to share our gifts in.

Do the world a favour, step forward with all of who you are, trust yourself, and know that your only competition is yourself yourself.

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