Why did this happen?

Humans believe that if they have the answer to this question they will actually avoid the detours in life. Life is not a game of ‘safe, right choices’, but rather a process of discovery and learning. No matter what your spiritual orientation, the one thing I have discovered is to not focus on asking the question “why did this happen”? But rather to ask myself, “What can I learn from this?”

As I stood in my kitchen last week with the water cascading through the pot lights onto my head, I know my first thought was not, “what can I learn from this?” Once I’d caught my breath, the water was contained; the restoration company was on site to deal with the flood, I could then begin to access “what will I learn from this”? There were no immediate answers, but as the process unfolds, the learnings continue to present themselves as possibilities for transformation in my life.

I know that as a basic human on this earth, I tend not to be as interested in learning when I am relaxed on a sunny day at the beach; I tend to pay attention when an experience takes me off my ‘intended’ path.

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